More About Me

Rhonda Douglas 

Are you looking for a new backdrop for your life? Let’s dig
into your dreams for this place you will call home.   Years in professional design and art
consulting industries have honed my ability to help you visualize potential.

I entered real estate to guide and assist others through the
big decisions and dreams that buying and selling a home can afford them.  By actively listening, my goals are to find
the RIGHT home for every buyer and to position every sellers home to SELL.  When we succeed, you can move onto the next
chapter of your life, knowing the process was all about YOU.  

The elegance, charm and ability to still find both urban and
rural alternatives in and around Charleston astounds me.

Rhonda brings her expertise in sales, art, lighting and
space visualization to enhance  home
sale/purchase experiences, with a fresh point of view.  Her migration across the nation (IA, MN, CO,
SC) has given her a valuable understanding of the challenges of re-creating life
in a new area. Rhonda and her husband purchased their home at Kiawah River
Estates on Johns Island in 1999, initially as a second home.